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Camille Reul Lecryt

Chief Marketing & Communication Officer - Creative Director

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Camille Reul Lecryt CMO Odyssey


Camille has over than 10 years of experience as art director and designer.

She worked for 3 years in several advertising agencies in France and Belgium. And more than 8 years in a German strategic and marketing consulting firm mainly for tech, luxury and consumer goods practices.

Odyssey's journey

Camille joined Odyssey in September 2022.

She is in charge of marketing, comm
unication and art direction at Odyssey. 

Her objectives are to create, curate and value Odyssey's brand and to bring customers' documents to the highest level of quality and of visual impact. 



Graduated from ESA Saint-Luc Belgium in Graphic design and Sup de Création – OMNES Education in Art Direction.

Out of the box


Her hero/heroine

Simone Veil, Christine Lagarde, Yves Klein, Helmut Newton

Her secret passion

Frank Ferrand’s podcasts for Radio Classic and everything about submarines

Dream already achieved

A cooking class at the Ritz Escoffier Paris    

Dream to be fulfilled

Climbing Mont Blanc and why not Everest one day

Life is impossible without

Food, cats, Corgis and video games 

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