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Lucie Chetrit

Chief Financial Officer

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Lucie Chetrit CFO Odyssey


Lucie offers 15 years of extensive experience in FP&A, controlling & risk management.


She previously served in the finance department of many internationally renowned corporates from various industries such as Valeo, Boucheron, Estée Lauder, and Fauchon. Lucie gradually developed a comprehensive expertise in corporate finance further to her numerous executive positions.

Odyssey's journey

Lucie joined Odyssey as CFO at inception in 2020 to create and lead the finance department.


Her assignments include to design and execute Odyssey’s financial, legal and tax strategies.


She is an actual business partner who also brings her proven expertise on legal, HR, procurement and real estate.



Lucie graduated from Edhec Bachelor in Finance and ESG MBA.

Out of the box


Her hero/heroine

Karl Lagerfeld

Her secret passion

Dark chocolate

Dream already achieved

Honeymoon in French Polynesia

Dream to be fulfilled

Make Odyssey 100% financially green and launch a charity

Life is impossible without


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