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Marceau Savigny

Tech M&A and Fundraising Analyst

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Marceau Savigny Analyst Odyssey


Marceau is working with us since 18 months.
He has previously worked for a Blockchain based Fintech Startup. 

Odyssey's journey


Marceau joined Odyssey in November 2021.
He’s a financial analyst. He produce strategic and financials materials: BP, Decks, Valuation reports, etc.
His objective is to provide strategic and financial assistance to our emerging tech clients.


Graduated from Neoma Business School – MiM & MSc Corporate Finance
Ongoing – Ecole 42 – MSc in Computer Science 

Out of the box


His hero/heroine

Napoléon, Art Pepper, Milton Friedman, Francis Ford Coppola

His secret passion

Navy and aeronautic 

Dream already achieved

2 trips around the world

Dream to be fulfilled

Stratospheric flight in a fighter jet

Life is impossible without


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