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Atos deliver its Quantum Learning Machine to Japan

13 May, 2020

Atos confirms its status as world-class pioneering leader in quantum technology through the sale of its Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) to Japan through its APAC partner Intelligent Wave Inc.

Atos' QLM is the world's highest-performing quantum simulator that is commercially available.

Nourdine Bihmane, Head of Growing Markets and Head of B&PS Public & Regional at Atos said: “The Atos Quantum Learning Machine enables businesses to develop and experiment with quantum processes and delivers superior simulation capabilities to speed innovation.”

Launched in 2017, Atos QLM was so far the privilege of research programmes in Europe (France, Finland, Germany, Italy...), in the US, and in India. Today, Atos celebrates its first sale in Japan.

Japan invests in a long-term plan to foster innovaiton in the archipelago, and quantum computing is a top priority with a cumulated ca $1.2 billion invested in that field since 2017.

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