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Navigating the cybersecurity market

A fascinating world of double-digit growth and technological sophistication facing a scarcity of resources

How to read the global cybersecurity market and its key drivers?

Global Market Screening: a complex & competitive market

The global map of cybersecurity companies comprises of (1) systems, products, solutions, and services providers that operate at (2) global, regional, or local scale to serve specific verticals such as (3) defense & public sector, banking & insurance, telecom, among many others.

Market trends: a new wave of consolidation

The profile of cybersecurity providers is changing at a fast-pace. A new wave of consolidation is popping up. Continuous innovation, in terms o both technology & services, and a shift in procurement channels are also major major market trends.

Key Drivers Overview: a demand-driven market facing a scarcity of resources

The cybersecurity market has seriously been impacted by various meta-trends that includes for instance technological shifts (5G, edge computing...), or political & regulatory measures on digital sovereignty.

The increasing sophistication & proliferation of cyberthreats is a key driver for the accelerated adoption of cybersecurity measures, to such an extent that this demand-driven market has recently been facing a global scarcity of skilled resources. Indeed, the unemployment rate is nearly 0% for cybersecurity experts whose compensations are therefore up. This hard-to-sustain tension is all the more impactful since cybersecurity is becoming a strategic topic catching C-level's attention in most large firms from various industries.

In addition, the adoption rate of SMEs is on the rise and will continue to feed a double-digit growth by 2025.

Our expertise

Odyssey is a unique offering to assist organizations in their strategic shift design & execution, in the end-to-end execution of cross-border M&A transactions, and in equity & debt financing strategies. Our comprehensive approach combines strategic and financial advisory services with proven Tech industries’ expertise.

Cybersecurity is a tier-1 expertise at Odyssey.

Please contact us directly if you want to learn more on Cybersecurity markets :

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