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Green IT or nothing

We, at Odyssey, firmly believe that shaping the future of the global economy must rely on the forceful combination of edge technologies and environmental sustainability. Such a virtuous reconciliation of two allegedly antagonistic paths does not remain wishful thinking. Tech giants, as well as emerging startups, are dramatically augmenting their awareness that technology must be green or must not be. In the digital services industry, the rise of green information technology has made it a top priority on decision-makers' agenda, translating into both radical strategic shifts and concrete initiatives to pair the delivery of energy-efficient services with financially performing business models. The recent acquisition of Ecoact will support Atos’ decarbonization ambition by enriching its portfolio of carbon reduction digital solutions for corporate clients. Cap Gemini also asserts its objectives in the digital decarbonization market, for instance through the Smart Energy Alliance. Embracing green IT is also a smart move for tech services providers to address the fast-growing decarbonization market, to attract and retain young talents who are familiar with the topic, and to improve their own long-term resilience, as the tech world has been gradually "encouraged" to adapt its offerings by adaptive regulations and compelling social movements. There is little doubt that the tech world is at the dawn of a new green era that may reach (all?) tech industries, far beyond the sole digital services sector. Although the eco impact of 5G, which is expected to revolutionize our relationship to data and connected devices, remains controversial in certain countries such as France, it is worth noticing that green AI, green data science, and green blockchain are popping up. By the way, French Tech is in the limelight in this October issue of our newsletter, with an acceleration of initiatives, innovation, and access to financing in various tech domains. With hopefully more green news to come. Odyssey is proud to undertake its humble but enthusiastic journey to decarbonization and sustainable impact through its Green Leaf Roadmap. Our first milestone, and certainly not the last, is to commit to the Zero Project, which will enable us to become a paper free company as soon as 2021. Odyssey is a fintech startup which assists tech startups, SMEs, and large corporates in the end-to-end design and execution of their strategic and M&A projects. Please contact us for more info:

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