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Interview with Lorenzo, M&A intern at Odyssey

Could you please introduce yourself? What’s your background?

My name is Lorenzo Marreros Pascual. After a preparatory class to French engineering schools, I eventually decided to join Edhec Business School since I was eager to study finance. My first internship as trading assistant at CIC Paris helped me realize my further interest in corporate finance rather than in financial markets. Then, I started to pay particular heed to mergers & acquisitions, which I found highly stimulating. I seized without any hesitation the opportunity of a 9-month part-time internship at Odyssey.

What did you learn during your experience at Odyssey?

From day one, CEO Axel Tombereau involved me in various strategic assignments, always providing me with the knowledge he has acquired during his extensive career in corporate M&A and investment banking. This experience was truly a unique opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge on the investment banking industry and how to create both strategic and financial value to corporate clients. I learned how to prepare best-in-class materials on transactions, how to conduct multi-criteria valuations and efficient market research. I actually improved my technical skillset to a degree that I did not expect. Odyssey’s inclusive approach enabled me to gain a comprehensive understanding of both M&A and fundraising processes in a very short period of time. I had the chance to participate in numerous C-level meetings with corporate clients and financial sponsors, which is rare for an M&A intern. I was amazed to learn that the intimate role of an advisor is also to reassure and even educate customers in some way. This learning experience definitively convinced me to pursue my career in investment banking.

How difficult was it for you to work remotely due to governmental restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Working remotely during the various lockdown periods was an opportunity to me. First, the adoption of videoconference and other communication solutions reinforced the interactions I had with Odyssey’s management and contributed to team’s alignment on objectives and roles, in an informal context. I most probably attended more meetings with clients than I would have without remote work. I think that the pandemic triggered some changes in the way M&A processes are conducted that are going to become new standards.

How well did you adapt to Odyssey's hybrid culture, combining investment banking and fintech startup codes?

I never thought that Investment Banking and fintech start-up codes were compatible. My experience with Odyssey showed me that combining the open and friendly culture of a start-up company with the fast-paced and rigorous environment of an investment bank is not only completely possible, but also proves efficient in terms of team’s commitment and value creation for end customers.

Why would you recommend Odyssey to M&A applicants?

I would recommend Odyssey to M&A applicants without any reserve for three main reasons. First, at Odyssey you will confront a wide spectrum of assignments and transactions in different technology sectors, involving different management teams and different issues. This is an ideal environment for fast learners. Secondly, Odyssey has a genuine culture of inclusiveness and meritocracy. It’s easy to step-up, gain exposure and work gradually on important tasks if you show that you want to learn and be involved. Last but not least, it is crystal-clear that Odyssey’s management really cares about your personal development, your learning curve and your happiness at work. In addition, I mention that I built a unique relationship with Odyssey’s CEO who has become my mentor.

Thank you very much Lorenzo!

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