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Medtech, mere hype or true healthcare revolution?

The sudden and multiple announcements of Covid-19 vaccines' availability, eerily occuring a couple of days only after Joe Biden's victory proclamation, not only show relieving light at the end of the 2020 tunnel, but also offer a unique opportunity to decypher what the future of healthcare may be or may not be.

In the background, big pharma behemoths are stuck, at least to a certain extent, in their transition from chemistry-based R&D models to promising biotechnology and biogenetics, while newcomers leverage their funding capabilities to disrupt the industry. For the record, Achilles Therapeutics (UK) raised £52.7m in Nov 2020 to accelerate in next gen therapies.

Telemedicine & tele expertise have been soaring this year to a wider extent than most observers do actually think. Bolstered by lockdowns and social distancing measures, these segments have enjoyed an impressive volume growth in terms of consultations, reflecting thus new market dynamics and changes in "consumers" habits. The main revolution resides nonetheless behind the scenes. On the one hand, digital-native platforms mostly replicate proven SaaS models based on volumes, which is certainly new in the healthcare industry. On the other hand, platforms developed by health professionals go farther in terms of innovation, as they are widely transforming the healthcare pathways and procedures for the benefit of both health professionals and patients. In France, the "Ma Santé 2022" plan demonstrates a political intent to create and develop new health clusters, named CPTS, which rely on improved cooperation among medical specialists, leaner procedures, and more tech.

Still, the international expansion potential of these platforms remains a sticky conundrum, as they may have to confront the challenge of adapting to local health systems' specificities & regulations. 2020 has been though a cornerstone in terms of market attractiveness to both private equity and venture capital firms, which fear of missing out such a tremendous market shift and its related opportunities, such as building the next European champions. By the way, yes, healthcare is gradually becoming a market, with more funding and profitability concerns than ever before.

The ongoing MedTech revolution covers a spectrum of innovations that is far too wide to be summarized in a nutshell. This tech revolution ranges from medical IoT to health data analytics, and includes digital twins medicine as well as AI-based surgery robotics. Overall, MedTech undertakes a very fascinating journey to transform humans, necessarily augmented, and human health, thanks to reliable technologies. Most-advanced and visionary companies pursue the dream of substantially increased human longevity, a domain which is already massively-funded in the US and hardly incipient in Europe.

Anticipating which companies might become successful in this fiercely competitive landscape is far from an easy task, and requires in-depth ndustry expertise.

Medtech, Telemedicine, Healthcare Robotics and Healthcare Software are among the most fascinating tech industries that we, at Odyssey, monitor very closely on our radar. We are pleased to offer the in-depth market expertise that we have developed over the past few years to help our clients thrive in this competitive arena.

Odyssey assists tech startups, SMEs, and large corporates in the end-to-end design and execution of strategic, M&A, and capital raising projects.

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