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Microsoft acquires CyberX

CyberX is an Israeli cybersecurity startup that specializes in the detection & prediction of IoT networks' security breaches.

CyberX belongs to next gen cybersecurity providers who leverage AI to identify & predict rising security challenges. CyberX was founded with the goal of delivering a scalable solution that would be easy to deploy and reduce risk for enterprises worldwide.

The strategic rationale of the deal is the following.

1) CyberX will duly complement Microsoft Azure security capabilities. Microsoft will then enhance the cybersecurity of its leading cloud environment.

2) CyberX also confirms Microsoft's strategy in the IoT field. Indeed, Microsoft has massively invested in the development of a platform for building new IoT solutions over the past 5 years. CyberX is perfectly positioned to increase the security of Microsoft's IoT platform.

Cybersecurity is a cornerstone in the unstoppable rise of IoT. The growth in numbers of connected devices will be accelerated through 5G deployment and adoption, raising new security challenges and bringing them up to a new level of complexity - outside the cloud.

The consideration of the transaction has not been publicly released.

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