Tech Insights

The main purpose of our in-house research on technology trends is to identify the value creation drivers & business models of tomorrow.


The research practice at Odyssey is based on a holistic acceptation of value that includes for instance strategic, financial, human, social, and technological value.


Our research methodology encompasses accordingly various fields, from strategy and finance to business operations, in order to serve the long-term objectives to build incremental knowledge and valuable data insights for our communities of partners. Our research focuses indeed on the concrete business applications of new or emerging technologies in specific fields, such as, Data Science, FinTech & Payment Services, or Cybersecurity.


Started in 2018, our research practice has since regularly published posts and insights, for example on Data Strategies,  Finance Autopilot, and AI & Data Science. The further development of our research practice is actually a key component of Odyssey’s strategic roadmap.

White paper #2
Payment Services Market | 2021-2025 | Europe

Release date: May, 2021


White paper #1 
Cybersecurity Market | 2020-2025 | Europe, UK&I 

Release date: July, 2020


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