Odyssey’s strategic objective is to combine the best of two worlds, namely strategy consulting  and investment banking services, for the benefit of its customers.

Each context, each company, and each transaction is unique.

Therefore we at Odyssey always customize our services to the specific needs & requirements of our customers.


Odyssey is born from the conviction that bespoke services solely can maximize our impact, and leverage our value creation. 

We are pleased to serve startups, scale-ups, SMEs, large corporations, whatever their size, as long as technology and innovation are essential to their strategy. 


Strategic Advisory
Tech startups
M&A Advisory

Tech startups

Odyssey assists tech startups in their path to innovation and growth trhough bespoke strategic advisory services. Differentiation through a unique value proposition, revenue model validation, international expansion are major challenges for ambitious startups in highly competitive markets. 

Odyssey provides specific M&A expertise to tech startups, whether they intend to scale-up through external growth, prepare for an exit, or enter into negotiations with a corporate. 

Fundraising Advisory

Tech startups

M&A Outsourcing
Tech startups

Odyssey offers fundraising advisory services to tech startups across Europe. Our team intervenes at all development and funding stages, from Seed to Series C/D, thanks to dedicated expertise and extensive network of VCs and top-notch Business Angels. 

Tech startups increasingly consider M&A a valuable component of their strategic toolkit while lacking internal capabilities to monitor, design, and swiftly execute value-adding transactions. Odyssey offers unique M&A outsourcing services. Startups can now benefit from our expertise, methodologies, and tools as well as from our continuity of services. 

Financial strategies

Tech startups

Tech startups

Odyssey helps startups design and execute the best financial strategies that will enable them exceed their strategic objectives.

Odyssey provides startups with independent valuation reports based on a multi-criteria methodology that has been developed in-house by our experts team. Our unique methodology has been specifically designed for tech startups.