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Why choose us?

We intimately understand your challenges and market uncertainties. Our expert team excels at solving deeptech startups' problems and delivering transformative results.

Who are we?

​Odyssey is an independent advisory firm founded by Axel Tombereau in 2020.

We assist entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey by providing bespok
e hybrid advisory including Strategic Operations, M&A and Fundraising services. 


Odyssey is the trusted advisor to innovative startups in the field of emerging technologies, such as:

  • AI (inc. AI-powered SaaS)

  • Industrial deeptech (inc. Robotics & RPA)

  • Cybersecurity & Deftech

  • Blockchain & Web3

  • Biotech, Medtech & Healthcare

  • Quantum Computing

Discover our services:

Global presence

We are humbled to serve startups across all regions in France, while steadily expanding our operations in Europe and the US.

Our achievements

We commit to persistently deliver the highest level of excellence. We create substantial value to reach superior customer satisfaction.


"We offer a pioneering form of advisory that combines the excellence of investment banking and the nimbleness of strategy consulting firms."




Odyssey really care about you
Our relentless commitment to your own success.

We exclusively enter dynamic deeptech markets, focusing on developing forward-looking visions, practical insights, and valuable recommendations in uncertain environments.

Bespoke advisory services

Each strategy, transaction, and entrepreneur is unique. Our team offers top-notch custom services to meet your specific needs.

Odyssey trusted advisor for emerging tech startups
Logo Odyssey strategic operations m&a fundraising advisory startups
For "Entrepreneurs only" services

We aim to be the top defenders of entrepreneurs' interests. Despite our extensive financial sponsors' network, we don't work for venture capital or private equity firms.

Effective project leadership

We provide effective leadership from design to outcomes, fostering stakeholder alignment and swift execution.

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