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Fanlive Rugby

2023 | Web3 & Gaming  | Fundraising advisory 


Closed Seed round
 strategic partnership


Fanlive Rugby has launched the first blockchain-enabled marketplace dedicated to rugby, live as soon as April 2022. This Web3 startup  developed the #1 open digital platform for Rugby fans, players, clubs and unions based on a virtuous revenue-sharing model. 


The startup was actively looking for additional funding resources in order to grow its user community and pursue tech developments. 

  • Raise new money

  • Enter into strategic partnership to reinforce blockchain competencies


Odyssey closed the Seed funding round undertaken by Fanlive and led by Stake Capital Group in July 2022 for an undisclosed amount.

Odyssey also helped Fanlive enter a partnership with Blackpool, which resulted into enhanced UX, new fantasy gaming modes and auction systems.

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