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2023 | Deeptech x Insurtech  | Fundraising advisory 

Nomade numérique

Completed Bridge financing


Qiti does more than providing digital nomads with international health insurance products & services. Qiti’s app is also a social media for all travelers, which includes AI-enabled bespoke services for expats such as teleconsultations, live chat, and other value-adding features. 


This deeptech startup (labeled by BPIFrance) has an above-average monthly cash burn to continue developing its powerful AI engine and superapp.

  • Fund its post-MVP release growth  

  • Craft a new business plan 

  • Validate marketing strategy in B2B/B2C segments


Odyssey lately completed an equity-based bridge funding round led Guillaume Sarkozy, former CEO of Malakoff-Mederic and other renown insurance professionals. 

Our team helped Qiti design a unique value proposition in the insurance brokerage landscape.  

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