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2023 | Proptech | Strategic advisory | Fundraising advisory


Created branding strategy

& completed Seed round 


Seventee develops a digital platform that optimize the real estate rental management process for both agencies and applicants. 

Seventee offers an enhanced match making for demand and supply, which enables real estate professionals to save up to 70% in their process management.  


At the very beginning, the startup needed to :

  • Create its brand strategy, name & guidelines

  • Propose a compelling narrative & storytelling to financial sponsors

  • Validate its business model & financial forecasts

  • Raise equity & debt


Odyssey assisted Seventee in the design of its brand, marketing documentation and unique value proposition at first. 


Our expert team then helped refine subscription-based revenue model and recalibrate financial forecasts, before closing a successful funding round led by pioneering customers and banks (>1M€).

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